HANC Brookdale Campus High School Announces Top Honors

The Hebrew Academy of Nassau County is proud to announce the Class of 2018 Valedictorian and SalutatoriansHANC High School’s Menahel, Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, proudly remarked, "Joshua Weinstein, Zackary Plutzer, and Batsheva Moskowitz embody the core values of our yeshiva.  Each of them, in their own unique way, personifies excellence as scholars, leaders, and ba'alei middot. The HANC community is incredibly proud of these well-deserving honorees who excel in their academic and religious studies.”

Valedictorian Joshua Weinstein is a prominent voice and a pillar of the HANC community. He is an extraordinarily multi-faceted young man who is an outstanding academic performer as well as an upstanding citizen and leader. His drive in unmatched and his level of commitment to his passions is endless. Simply put, he goes above and beyond any and all expectations and is truly a one of a kind student and human being.
In addition to being at the very top of his class and enrolled in the most challenging coursework that HANC has to offer, Josh is a member of the National Honor Society and a constant presence on the General and Judaic studies Honor Roll. Josh was selected by the faculty to receive the Natan Sharansky Community & School Spirit Award, which is presented to the student who best exemplifies “a strong commitment to the HANC community and works selflessly in order to foster inclusiveness and strengthen school spirit. Additionally, he is in possession of the Gold Award for completing over fifty hours of community service in a single school year. was selected by the administration to receive the Yeshiva University Book award, and he was named as an AP Scholar by the College Board.
If Josh’s unparalleled academic success was not enough, he is one of the most dedicated members of our HANC community. He exhibits strong leadership qualities on campus through his heading of the Peer Tutoring Society, being an Editor of the Yearbook, running the news section of the HANC Herald, and leading the HANC Public Affairs Committee (HPAC). His leadership has even travelled with him. Josh travels each year to Washington, D.C. to participate in the AIPAC program. Since ninth grade, he has represented our school magnificently in the offices of Senators and members of Congress. Josh even served as the coordinator of the HANC contingent of the Shalva Team for the Jerusalem Marathon that included an astounding 47 students this past March.
Following a year of learning at Hakotel in Israel, Josh will be attending the Macaulay Honors Program at Queens College where he plans to study History and Psychology.

Salutatorian Batsheva Moskowitz has brains, artistic talent, enthusiasm, and drive all wrapped up in a bubbly and energetic package. She is a compassionate, passionate, and incredible young lady with a maturity well beyond her years.
From day one at HANC High School, Batsheva has made her presence known. She has challenged herself with many honors and Advanced Placement classes and has been rewarded for her efforts by being named to the General and Judaic Studies Honor Roll every quarter of her high school career.   She was also inducted into the National Honor Society and served as Co-Vice President as a junior and currently serves as Co-President. Last year, Batsheva received the Golda Meir School Spirit award which is given to the student who best demonstrates a commitment to the HANC community and works selflessly in order to foster inclusiveness and strengthen school spirit. The administration further recognized Batsheva with the Brandeis Book Award, given to the junior who is committed to social action or civic engagement. She is truly deserving of every accolade she has received.

When it comes to the artistic arena, Batsheva is a force to be reckoned with. While many people get recognized for their achievement in front of the camera, Batsheva has achieved greatness behind the camera. She has photographed nearly every school event, and helped to create our Photography Club which this year is seeing a record number of participants. She has starred in every school production we have had, even drawing the “Playbill” cover and poster.   She dances, she writes, she plays the piano, she has taken gymnastics since she was three years old, and she has even made art out of trash she found on the side of the road. Batsheva’s talent is seemingly limitless.
Next Year, Batsheva will be attending Brandeis University where she plans to study English and Theater.
Salutatorian Zackary Plutzer is incredibly bright, extraordinarily hardworking, and endlessly compassionate. He always has a thoughtful word for his peers and school faculty, and he has a smile that goes from ear to ear and brightens up even the darkest day. He is a natural leader, but his leadership style is never pushy or aggressive. He leads by an example of diligence and thoughtfulness that makes those around him feel heard and valued. Zack is not only an exemplary student and leader; he is a truly exemplary human being. You will never find a young man who will work harder, be kinder, or contribute more than Zack.
Academically, Zack is nothing short of a superstar. He is enrolled in some of the most difficult coursework that HANC has to offer (both in general studies and Judaic studies). Ask any teacher at HANC and they will surely tell you that Zack is intelligent, but also that he is one of the hardest working students that they have ever encountered. He constantly looks to challenge himself, enrolling in more difficult coursework each year. He has been a member of the National Honor Society since the tenth grade, becoming Co-Vice President in 11th grade and Co-President in the 12th grade. He is also an AP Scholar with Honor, a University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award Recipient, and a recipient of our school’s Keter Shem Tov Award for excellent character and moral fiber.
Renaissance man that Zack is, he contributes just as much to the HANC community as he does in the classroom. Zack has flexed his leadership muscles as Captain of our College Bowl Team, Chairperson of the Blood Drive, Gabbai of morning prayers, and as a speaker at the AIPAC Policy Conference. He also gives back through his four year commitment to both the Yachad Committee and the Jewish Elderly Committee. Zack has also represented HANC on both the Basketball and Hockey teams.
Next year, Zack will be attending the University of Michigan where he plans to study Sport Management.

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