Student Activities

Take some time to read and think about which activities interest you. We encourage everyone to participate in at least one. All of them take place during the school day so you will not have to stay late or return to school in the evening. Extracurricular activities will help make your middle school experience at HANC even more exciting and will allow you to meet students from other classes and other schools. So don’t be timid or afraid. You WILL have time for these fulfilling opportunities!

SCRABBLE CLUB - We are again fortunate to have David Gould, a formerly ranked player, to coach our club. All players, experienced or novices, are welcome. We play once a week, learn helpful strategies, eat lunch, and have a great time. Four times a year we participate in tournaments (traveling for the day to another school). Everyone who has been a member in the past has loved this group!

JEWISH AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - Students have the opportunity to perform acts of Chesed by visiting Gurwin Nursing Home to run game sessions, collecting toys for children and participating in other projects that the committee chooses. They also do school-based activities such as organizing Shalach Manot distribution for students at Purim. There may be some shopping or having dinner if we stay, occasionally, to work on a project! Can you handle that?

MATHLETES - Do you enjoy puzzles, being challenged, having fun with numbers? If so, this group is for you. You do NOT have to be a math superstar or even have math as your favorite subject. You DO have to enjoy eating lunch once a week (or less, if you choose) with classmates and Mr. Molano as you work on fun, stimulating activities. Periodically, you will participate in a competition, at HANC (paper & pencil), against other schools. You may also be selected to represent HANC at a Long Island math challenge. 

CHESS CLUB - This one is just for fun! Meet as you eat lunch and play chess. If you don’t know how, we will be glad to teach you. It’s an opportunity to learn, practice, or play a great game.

DEBATE TEAM - HANC’s Middle School Debate Team has excelled throughout the years. We are part of the Yeshiva Debate League, which has grown considerably and now includes schools from New York and New Jersey. Debate is a wonderful activity which helps provide skills you will use throughout your life. As a member, you will have to research a topic, write a presentation, present it in a strong, competent voice, cross examine opponents and be cross examined by them. Sound scary? It’s not! As a member of the team, you will be taught how to do this, have the opportunity to practice with team members and you will be totally comfortable by the time you actually debate. Those who participate are completely prepared for high school and college debate and every debater has loved the experience. You will also get to socialize with students from other schools who you will meet throughout the year. We meet when we are preparing for debates and take a break between them. All work is done during school hours or at home. You do have to try out for debate. You will be contacted and given directions if you sign up for this great club.

READING CLUB - Requested by students, this club began last year and was attended by more than 30 girls and boys. The teacher facilitating distributed books purchased by a HANC Memorial Fund for Mrs. Elaine Myers. The group met the following month to discuss the book during dessert. Not only were the discussions stimulating and fun, but everyone got to keep the books! If you enjoy reading or want to learn to enjoy it more, this club is for you.

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