Judaic Studies Curriculum

Torah Shebaal Peh – Mishna and Talmud are studied with the classic commentaries. Students learn how to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to decipher the secrets of the Talmud. Students are taught the ebb and flow of the Gemara as well as an appreciation of the ways that different Rabbis understand the text.
Texts studied include: Shabbat, Succah, Megila, Pesachim, and Kiddushin
Chumash – Sefer Bamidbar (7th grade) – The parshiot of Shelach, Korach, Chukat, and Balak are taught with emphasis on translation of pesukim and reading/translating Rashi. Additional commentaries are also discussed to broaden the students' understanding of Chumash and to make the stories relevant to their lives.
Focus is given to the weekly Parsha on Fridays.
Chumash – Sefer Devarim (8th grade) – Students learn the parshiot: Reeh, Shoftim, and Ki Teitzei. As they learn about the many mitzvot discussed in the parshiot, the focus is on Chumash skills (reading/translating, analyzing, and questioning) as well as the practical application of the mitzvot to their daily lives. Students also practice the skills of independent learning.
Navi – Shmuel Bet (7th grade) – Students focus on the practical lessons gleaned from the story and characters. There is a special emphasis on King David. Our students learn about King David’s life, his challenges and ultimately, why he is considered the greatest king of Israel.
Navi – Melachim Alef (8th grade) – Students learn about the life of King Shlomo and why his kingship was a golden era for the Jewish people.  They also learn about his greatest accomplishment: The building of the first Beit Hamikdash. Students are taught to understand the tragedy of the splitting of the kingdom that took place after Shlomo's death.
Jewish History – Course I (7th grade) – This course focuses on the major events and personalities from the period of the Babylonian exile through the destruction of the second Temple. Students also learn about Zionism and the establishment of the State of Israel. Students concentrate on the cause and effect of the events that occurred and the lessons learned from the past for the future.
Students also learn where they come from and to be proud and knowledgeable of their past heritage.
Jewish History – Course II (8th Grade) – This course focuses on the major events from the destruction of the second temple to The Geonic period. Students also study the Holocaust and all of the circumstances surrounding it.
Iyun Tefila – Tefila is made even more meaningful to our students as they learn the deeper meaning behind Shema and Shemoneh Esrai. Students gain an appreciation of the purpose of tefila and its centrality to our lives.
Ivrit (Hebrew language) – The objective in teaching Ivrit is to advance students in all areas of language skills. The following areas are emphasized: reading and comprehension, writing (grammar), speaking, and listening. 

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