In 2013, HANC announced the launching of our Alumni 360 Club. The goal of this society is to create a group of dedicated HANC alumni who are committed to the ideals of the continuity of the Jewish people through Jewish education. By joining this club, you can give others the opportunity to receive and benefit from the same experience that has affected you and hundreds of HANC alumni throughout the years.

We are all aware of the rising costs of Jewish day school education. Throughout the years, HANC has demonstrated its commitment to help as many families as possible to grow from the nurturing environment and excellent education that is offered in all of our HANC schools. Now, we turn to you, our valued and valuable alumni, to partner with us in our mission.

For $30 a month, or only a dollar a day, you can help us to carry on the mission begun by Rabbi Meyer Fendel over 60 years ago. Funds donated to this program can be directed toward our General Scholarship Fund or, alternatively, to our New Opportunities Program which, as you know, allows students with little or no Judaic background to attend a Yeshiva day school.

Please click on the link on this page to be part of this important initiative. You can choose a monthly option of $30 each month, or you may choose to pay the $360 in full at this time. Additionally, we ask that you encourage fellow alumni to sign up as well. Together, embracing the values that we have all learned in our Yeshiva, we can make a difference!

Hebrew Academy of Nassau County

Samuel and Elizabeth Bass Golding
Early Childhood Center
240 Hempstead Avenue
W Hempstead NY 11552
TEL: 516-565-5640
FAX: 516-565-2349
Plainview Elementary School
Joshua Waitman Early Childhood Center
25 Country Drive
Plainview NY 11803
TEL: 516-681-5922
FAX: 516-681-8351
Samuel and Elizabeth Bass Golding
Elementary School
609 Hempstead Avenue
W Hempstead NY 11552
TEL: 516-485-7786
FAX: 516-485-0422
HANC Middle School
Moses Hornstein Educational Center
215 Oak Street
Uniondale NY 11553
TEL: 516-538-8161
FAX: 516-538-6997
Brookdale High School
215 Oak Street
Uniondale NY 11553
TEL: 516-538-8161
FAX: 516-489-1142