The Hebrew Academy of Nassau County (HANC) is an Orthodox, co-educational yeshiva day school that nurtures the many different facets of life in each of our students--the academic and intellectual, the moral and spiritual, and the communal. As an academic institution, HANC provides an exceptional education for our students, serving each student according to his or her own individual talents and specific needs. We welcome the diversity in our student body.

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  • Academic Excellence

    Development of the intellectual lives of our students begins early at HANC, where our Early Childhood Centers, in both West Hempstead and Plainview, provide a robust early reading and writing readiness curriculum both in English and Hebrew. This is accomplished while providing a hands-on learning program which focuses on the development of each child in a stimulating, warm, and loving Jewish environment.

    Dedication to learning continues at our elementary schools in Plainview and West Hempstead, where academic enrichment combines with the utilization of the newest technologies and modern facilities to educate our students.

    HANC’s Middle School serves as a crucial and successful academic bridge between our elementary schools and high school, continuing and reinforcing HANC’s commitment to academic excellence.

    This emphasis on academics continues at HANC’s High School where numerous core, supplementary and elective courses are offered, including a wide selection of AP courses. Our Beit Midrash Program provides our students with the opportunity for advanced Talmud study. An abundance of extracurricular activities, including debate, college bowl, mock trial, and a wide selection of sports for both boys and girls, add yet another vital dimension to the HANC High School experience.
  • Torah and Midot

    In concert with their academic life, our students also learn and incorporate a life of Torah and midot. At HANC, the building of character is equally important as the building of minds. These principles translate into friendships, a respect for values, humility, emphasis on hakarat hatov (i.e., gratefulness), a thirst for learning, and ruach — which manifests as an invigorating enthusiasm for the Jewish experience.
  • Active Involvement in the Community

    While these are all essential components to the education of every student, a HANC education further emphasizes the importance of membership and active involvement in the community at large. Our youngest pre-schoolers begin learning about the communal aspect of life. This aspect of community involvement continues and grows throughout their school years as our students learn to address different needs both in Eretz Yisrael and in the United States, become ever more actively involved with a plethora of chesed and community service projects.

    Our high school students excel in various leadership development programs, and meet with notable Jewish leaders. We encourage our youth to strive toward leadership in their adult lives.
  • HANC's Continuing Mission

    HANC is established upon the principle of responsibility to the Jewish community, as a school founded to provide an excellent Jewish education in Nassau County at a time when yeshiva education was simply unavailable here.

    Today, HANC continues to fulfill its mission to nurture and support many communities across Long Island. Our students have always been and continue to be of the highest caliber. A majority of HANC high school graduates pursue a year of study in Israel at high quality yeshivot, and HANC graduates are extremely well-represented at Ivy League schools, Yeshiva University, and colleges of our students’ choice.

    We are very proud of our New Opportunities Program (NOP) at our middle school and high school. This innovative program is HANC’s unique gateway for public school students who want to enter yeshiva. These highly motivated students attend classes that have been specially tailored to teach them Limudei Kodesh (Judaic Studies) so they can be quickly mainstreamed into HANC’s rigorous religious studies curriculum.

    In the language of the Passover Haggadah, HANC believes, “Kol Dichfin, Yaisay Vayaichal — All who are hungry, come and be nourished.” As has been the case for more than half a century, our doors are open to our neighbors in the Long Island Jewish community. All who seek a quality Jewish education, true to Torah and its values, have a place at HANC…and we enthusiastically welcome you!

Hebrew Academy of Nassau County

Samuel and Elizabeth Bass Golding
Early Childhood Center
240 Hempstead Avenue
W Hempstead NY 11552
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Plainview Elementary School
Joshua Waitman Early Childhood Center
25 Country Drive
Plainview NY 11803
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Samuel and Elizabeth Bass Golding
Elementary School
609 Hempstead Avenue
W Hempstead NY 11552
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HANC Middle School
Moses Hornstein Educational Center
215 Oak Street
Uniondale NY 11553
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Brookdale High School
215 Oak Street
Uniondale NY 11553
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